Smoking Cessation - A unique two-step programme

I have found over my years of experience that smoking is a far more complex issue than is often assumed. As I myself became a Hypnotherapist because I had stopped smoking with a similar method myself, I have developed this two step approach to ensure that not only is the physical issue of nicotine addiction addressed sensibly, but the psychological need and conflicts are properly dealt with ensuring that remaining a non-smoker in the long term is a very real possibility too.

Stage one of the course introduces you to the wonderfully powerful state of hypnosis, guides you through a process of cutting down the level of nicotine in your body whilst becoming acutely aware of emotions and processes involved with each cigarette you smoke. It will also build up the confidence and conviction that letting go of the smoking habit is entirely possible and makes it easier to say farewell to this antisocial ‘friend’. A backup CD is provided for you to listen to daily throughout the week to ease you through the process and give you a deep daily relaxation.

Stage two of the course involves looking in detail at what has come up in the preceding week and ensuring and conflicts are resolved. It tackles what will motivate you to remain a non-smoker no matter what situation you find yourself in. It reinforces the willpower you already have to harness both your body and mind to work together for you towards a future life free of the smoking habit. The suggestions used will be directly related to your feedback and enlightenment about your previous triggers for smoking , what it has given you and what you will gain by letting it go. A backup CD is also provided here and it is recommended that you listen to this daily for at least three weeks to ensure all the suggestions are firmly embedded.

£180 for two sessions, as above first session 1 and a half hours, second session 1 hr or so as need dictates. At each session you will be given a backup CD to do at home every day. For further details on fees please see Sessions and Fees

Always one on one sessions – no groups as no two smokers are the same!