A bit of background on your Hypnotherapist

Heather Wood

I have been a hypnotherapist with successful London practices in Earlsfield and Croydon since 1994 and combine a wealth of experience with a friendly and informal approach that produces results. I also have completed my Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling – a gruelling and exacting practical course that has expanded the way I work considerably.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 30. Although I had all the medical treatment available for the disease once I had come out of the chemotherapy and was attempting to get back to normal I soon realised that life would never be quite the same again. I felt that while my treatment had ensured I recovered physically, the emotional issues of this life threatening illness had never been addressed. As a result I felt very fragile emotionally, but didn’t know what to do next but knew that something had to change in my life.

I decided to use Hypnotherapy to help me to make these important decisions and to work at building my confidence up again. I had given up smoking with this method some years before and knew just how powerful a tool it could be. What surprised me was how wonderful it felt to really relax and let go - something I’d forgotten how to do. The effects of the hypnosis were very beneficial and I began to feel calmer and ‘more together’ as the days went by and the treatment went on. The changes were tremendous; I regained confidence and found that I could cope with stressful situations much more easily than before - and felt more like my true self again.

These changes took place over a few weeks and the benefits have lasted far longer than that. Having worked in direct marketing for the previous 9 years, in 1994 I decided to study to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) at Birkbeck and to make this my career in order to help others make the changes in their lives as I was able to. I believe that having a strong sense of purpose and getting such satisfaction from being a Hypnotherapist has helped me stay well and feel healthy both physically and emotionally.

I have used hypnotherapy extensively for my own personal development over the years and it has helped me overcome exam phobia, regain good health, change careers and venture into fields of work that seemed impossible and also to start a family somewhat later in life!